Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Federal funding for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

In fiscal year 2009, more than $2.2 billion in federal funding was awarded to businesses, industries, universities and others through Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) financial assistance programs.

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Wind Energy Update from AWEA

Although not without its triumphs, 2009 has been a challenging year for Americans, and for the wind energy industry as well. President Obama took the reins in January, inspiring the country with hope for better times ahead, encouraging us to muster the strength to "brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come." While the country has seen another year of economic instability and sky-high unemployment numbers, the wind energy industry has also experienced a year of ups and downs, and looks to 2010 with optimism, tempered by a business outlook that remains bleak.

Thankfully, the legislative year began with the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provided a desperately-needed lifeline for our industry. The wind industry is expected to install nearly 7,000 MW in 2009, thanks in part to $1.5 billion in U.S. Treasury grants that helped finance 33 wind projects across the country. The Recovery Act helped keep the industry afloat and enabled it to preserve many newly-created American jobs.

Congress also made some progress this year in the national energy and climate dialogue, though not nearly enough to provide the foundation for long-term investment and job growth the American wind industry needs to stay competitive with global markets. While the House passed a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) of 20% by 2020, energy legislation has yet to come to the Senate floor. Meanwhile, wind manufacturers are seeing few new orders, and layoffs are already beginning. We'll need your support in January to push the RES across the finish line and help our industry create thousands of new clean, renewable energy jobs.

Amidst the holiday season have been flowing headlines about the 15th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The American Wind Energy Association sent a delegation to highlight the advantages of wind power within the climate change discussion, including its ability to be deployed immediately and help reduce carbon emissions, while fostering economic development. The Christian Science Monitor got it right, reporting last week that on AWEA CEO Denise Bode's "list this Christmas is a strong statement or agreement coming out of both the climate summit and Capitol Hill committing the U.S. and the rest of the world to shift away from fossil fuels and put in place clear requirements - a mandate - to build renewable energy."

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays!

As 2009 comes to a close and we focus on the future and the planet we all share, these thoughts come to mind:

Grace in the midst of challenge.

Strength in the midst of adversity.

Positivity in the midst of difficulty.

Alternatives in the midst of the conventional.

These are the ideals that fuel the Solar and Wind Expo to work on helping you “make green a reality”.

George, Alan, Lynn, Deniz and the rest of the Solar and Wind Expo team wish you and yours a very bright and lively holiday season that “LEED”s into a happy, prosperous, healthy and greener new year.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Price reduction bulletin

Many of you have expressed sincere and great interest in joining The Solar and Wind Expo’s mission to promote renewable energy as viable options today. You have told us that you believe in the Expo’s mission and message fully and want to participate in the Expo, and the only thing keeping you from committing is the entry fee, stating that it is a little high for today’s economy.

The Solar and Wind Expo team listened to you and gave your comments a great deal of thought. As a result, we are happy to announce that through some creative negotiations with our vendors and media partners, we have been able to reduce the booth fee to $1750. This final pricing will be in effect until the show sells out.

Although the booth fee has been reduced, we have worked very hard to ensure the quality of the Expo is not compromised in any way.

We continue to secure support on your behalf in order to make the Expo the premier renewable energy event in the area. Unique partnerships are being forged to attract a well-heeled and abundant audience to the Expo. As an example, we are proud to announce that The Solar and Wind Expo has been chosen by a noteworthy media group to host an important fundraiser raffle for its $1,200,000 energy efficient house, fully fitted with renewable energy systems. We are grateful for this exceptional opportunity. Through this and other promotional efforts, The Solar and Wind Expo is well poised to attract many of the right attendees to our Expo.

It is time to for all of us to take the renewable energy industry mainstream. The Solar and Wind Expo is doing its part by providing you with an event unlike any other you have participated in or have ever heard of.

It is time for you and your company to take the lead.

It is time for you and your company to set yourself apart.

It is time for your company to sign up for the Expo today.

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Who killed the electric car review

I strongly recomend that everyone watch "Who killed the electric car". It is an amazing show which documents the greed and stupidity of General Motors, The oil companies, the California goverment and the public to name a few. We were moving in the right direction over ten years ago. We all should see the movie to understand why California always seems to be at the front of the pollution fight and why we should all band together to help in this fight. Get the movie here

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

California first state to get a GM Volt

GM has just announced what we have all assumed, California will be the first US state to get the Chevy Volt late next year. The automaker has selected and will be selecting other markets as well. GM vice chairman Bob Lutz said in his keynote address, “some other lead markets will be announced in the next few weeks.”

GM is also parterning with three California utilities and EPRI to do a real world Volt demonstration project. They will be using a $30 million DOE grant for the study which will involve providing 100 Chevy Volts for a two year study fleet beginning in early 2011. The vehicles will use OnStar to provide perfromance usage and analytic data in real-time. 500 charging stations will also be installed in business, public, and residential locations.

The three utilities are Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison and Sacramento Municipal Utility District. The learning will be used to improve future driver’s ownership experiences with electric cars.

“It is natural that California is the lead market for Volt. Not only is it the largest automotive market, Californians are known to be leaders in adopting groundbreaking new technologies,” said Brent Dewar, GM vice president, Global Chevrolet Brand.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Plug In America Refutes Obama Auto Task Force Conclusion on GM Volt

In response to an Obama Administration auto task force report, Plug In America on Tuesday proposed a plan to make GM’s Chevy Volt and other plug-in cars more affordable, noting that most advanced new technologies are initially more costly.

California law requires that the Volt and other plug-in hybrids come with a 10-year warranty. To ensure this longer life, automakers are as much as doubling the size of the battery pack, increasing cost to manufacturer and consumer. But not a single production plug-in electric vehicle sold to date, from GM’s early EV1 to today’s Tesla, has had a warranty of more than five years, noted Plug In America advisory board member Chelsea Sexton.

“To support early deployment, California should relax the warranty requirement for cars like the Volt to five years, phasing to 10 years over time,” said Sexton, a former GM employee. “This alone could cut the number of batteries required by as much as half and reduce the cost of each vehicle by thousands of dollars.”

The warranty reduction would not impose added liability on GM or consumers, Sexton noted, because President Obama has said the federal government will guarantee the warranties of GM and Chrysler vehicles should they go bankrupt. And dealers can sell extended warranties, providing additional security for consumers who want it as well as revenue when auto companies need it most.

“The minimum Volt warranty we’re asking for has historically been the maximum ever given for any plug-in car,” Sexton said.

Plug In America’s legislative director Jay Friedland further noted that the existing $7,500 tax credit for plug-in vehicles would further reduce the Volt’s cost. Moreover, several states are implementing additional tax credits of up to $5,000 per vehicle.

“These incentives reduce costs for consumers and will increase sales, helping auto manufacturers reach economies of scale sooner,” Friedland said.

Said Sexton: “We applaud the Obama Administration for its robust support for plug-in vehicle technology. But, this discouraging statement about the Volt’s early viability is counter-productive to the President’s own goal of 1 million plug-in vehicles by 2015.

“It is unreasonable to expect the Volt and any similar new technology to be immediately profitable when others that similarly started with a price premium, such as the Toyota Prius, became wild successes. Even the first DVD player costs many times more than it does today.”

About Plug In America: Plug In America leads the plug-in vehicle movement. The nonprofit organization works to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment. For more information:

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we all go to visit our families these holidays, let's not forget all those not able to be home with their families! Happy Thanksgiving!!
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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Imagine that all the products available for purchase to the consumer in their quest to green up their lives was a pie. How much of the green pie can a consumer digest all at one event? Obviously not all of it . That is why the Solar and Wind Expo has chosen a more focused format.

To capture your audience a trade show should be of interest to all genders and age. It should be interesting, educational and fun. Advertising must be properly placed in the types of medias that cater to the segment of the population whom you are trying to reach. The consumer who is well educated, motivated with the ability to make purchases can be found and motivated with the right marketing plan.

These customers must know that the event they are attending was put together just for them with one reason in mind. A trade show is a collective effort that unites companies interested in promoting similar products. By organizing and partnering with similar companies, you help promote your business and industry while creating an environment of experience and capability.

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"Renewable energy now"

Friday, October 16, 2009


10/15/09 WYPR, the Baltimore area NPR affiliate, has agreed to become a sponsor of The Solar and Wind Expo. WYPR’s audience stretches from the Pennsylvania line to Washington, DC. This represents a significant addition to the electronic and print media partnerships The Expo has already established with WBAL (NBC affiliate) and Baltimore Magazine.

The addition of WYPR is yet one more step in making The Solar and Wind Expo the premier event for renewable energy in the region. All participants of The Expo, exhibitors and sponsors, will benefit greatly from these robust affiliations resulting from the endless efforts of the Expo organizers.

Participation in The Solar and Wind Expo by exhibitors and sponsors who are looking for a credible and focused event in the east coast marketplace is strongly encouraged. Now is the time for all of us who are serious to “make green a reality” to make our mark and take the industry forward.

The Solar and Wind Expo organizers sincerely thank WYPR/NPR for its support and vision.


10/14/09 Jan Raulin, publisher of the well regarded Ener G Magazine, announced today that the Magazine will be supporting The Solar and Wind Expo through its website ( and in print.

Ms. Raulin explained that she is pleased the east coast states are beginning to take the correct steps in advancing the case for renewable energy. She further stated in her endorsement that she feels that The Solar and Wind Expo possesses the correct values and vision to succeed in this effort.

Now is the time to “make green a reality”. The Solar and Wind Expo, with the exhibitor and sponsor support and industry recognition it is garnering, will be the premier renewable energy event in the region. The Solar and Wind Expo organizers sincerely thank Ener G Magazine for its support and vision.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Economic Benefits of Ending Mountaintop Removal

The Sierra Club today released a groundbreaking new report that reaffirms the economic benefits of ending mountaintop removal coal mining and transitioning to clean energy sources in Appalachia.

The report shows that America can have affordable electricity without mountaintop removal because many factors contribute to the cost of electricity, with coal prices playing just one small part.According to the report:

  • Ending mountaintop removal would have a negligible effect on electricity prices in the eastern United States, where mountaintop removal coal is currently burned.

  • We have an abundance of cost-effective alternatives to mountaintop removal coal.
    Other types of mining in Appalachia employ more workers.

  • Mountaintop removal coal mining costs state budgets more than it generates.

  • Mountaintop removal destroys clean energy sources.

"make green a reality"

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Offshore wind Power in Maryland

Did you know that:
  • The very best resources for wind are off the East Coast.
  • East Coast states could meet all their energy needs from wind.
  • The East Coast waters are so shallow the construction for these turbines would be cheap.
  • Wind electricity would be cheaper, cleaner and eternal compared to coal.
  • East Coast Governors are teaming up to make it happen.
  • The entire East Coast population could harness their own power.

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Friday, October 9, 2009


The deadline to take advantage of our final discount offering on booth reservations is October 15, 2009, just a week away. This is your opportunity to be a part of the premier renewable technology event in the Baltimore/Washington area, a demographic known for its buying power and acceptance of the achievability of these technologies NOW! Please go to to download an application and mail your down payment TODAY.

We are pleased to announce that we have secured not only the local NBC affiliate as our exclusive television and other electronic media sponsor, but also Baltimore Magazine (publishers of the annual “Best of Baltimore” list) as the print media sponsor.

This assures that the Expo and your company as an exhibitor and/or sponsor will receive exceptional and well-deserved coverage in this valuable market.

Looking forward to working with you in May, 2010 to “Make Green a Reality”!

Friday, October 2, 2009

New additions to The Solar and Wind Expo Website:


Help us "make green a reality"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Following is a brief overview of our strategy and highlights of the Solar & Wind Expo 2010

Many of us are planning marketing investments for 2010, which is especially challenging in the current uncertain economic environment. We understand the importance of maximizing our partners’ outreach investments in The Solar and Wind Expo. As such, we have invested substantial resources that, when coupled with our powerful mission and the regional market’s demand for goods and services to reduce carbon emissions, ensure that the Solar & Wind Expo will be the most successful event of its kind.

We have put together a highly talented team of professionals with decades of experience in developing professional trade events; the construction and building industry; strategic marketing, advertising and public relations; and business development.

In partnership with a nationally recognized strategic marketing firm handling all media and public relations, we have developed sponsorships with the largest and most respected in media outlets in the region, including WBAL TV and Baltimore Magazine. We have also developed a comprehensive marketing and media plan, including outdoor investments strategically located at major transportation arteries and WYPR radio, which will be supplemented by an aggressive public relations effort.

The Solar & Wind Expo will take place in the heart of one of the “greenest” states, as well as being one of the most affluent, providing exhibitors access to a market that is both willing and has the means to make green a reality. The proximity to the nation’s capital and the participation of individuals and organizations from around the globe provide participants an opportunity to strengthen their profile and position in this exciting new market, which is poised for explosive growth.

We have developed a programming strategy that will resonate with and engage all of the Solar & Wind Expo’s target audiences:

  • Product information and displays
  • Education -
    Two seminar rooms, one with a programming scheme to appeal to the consumer, and one for the industry professional (i.e. Architect, installer, supplier, etc.). The current programming scheme includes exciting seminars covering all three days.
  • Bob Dixson, an internationally recognized green building advocate, will deliver a key note address outlining the “how to” in building communities that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, as he has been successful in doing in his hometown of Greensburg, Kansas.
  • The Maryland Department of Energy will deliver a seminar to share the latest information regarding state sponsored green building incentives and detailing future initiatives in line with Maryland’s strong commitment to leading the nation in renewable energy.
  • Exhibitors will provide product demonstrations and be available for consultation in the exhibition arena.
  • Electric cars will be on display to allow attendees to interact with the most exciting new technologies being produced, and demonstrations are scheduled.

To accommodate attendees with children, the Solar & Wind Expo will provide a children’s play area designed to give kids a place to learn about these important new technologies in a fun way.

The event will take place over Mother’s Day weekend, which will facilitate memory recall in prospective attendees. Attendance will be further incentivized through a special promotion providing free admission for mothers on Sunday (Mother's day).

Investors are very interested in green technologies companies

In Maryland, startups in green fields say they are seeing many angels and individual investors seeking to get in on the trend. "Expectations in the investment community is that products and devices that are environmentally friendly, even if they come at a higher, even if they come at a higher cost initially, will be mandated or highly attractive for people to buy in the future", said Scott Laughlin, CEO of Zymetics Inc. in College Park.

According to National Venture Association and PricewaterhouseCooper investment has been slow in recent years with venture funding hitting a five year low in the first quarter of 2009 down to $155 million but rebounded to $274 million in the second quarter.

Some observers said they expect the trend to continue. Green investments will grow as a natural progression. Green technologies are not just politically correct but productive and efficient.

Make green a reality!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Solar and Wind Expo 2010

We are very excited and pleased at all the attention the show is receiving so don't wait for the show to sell out, call us now and order your dealer packet. 410-439-1577 or

Make green a reality!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Solar and Wind Expo continues to add details to the show line-up. The Green Building Institute has signed on to deliver seminars on May 8th and May 9th. The ever popular Seminars by the Green Building Institute have been responsible for teaching lots of consumers, architects, contractors and the like all of the benefits of adding renewable energy to their home and/or businesses. We at the show are very excited that Executive Director David Woolley-Wilson and the institute has decide to partner with The Solar and Wind Expo.

Make green a reality!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Electric car loop is getting traction!

While the 2010 Solar and Wind Expo showcases solar and wind energy, its strategy is to also promote the relevance of alternative vehicles for today’s lifestyle and thinking, in line with its mission. The Expo venue is perfectly amenable to outdoor display areas and offers a unique setting for your company to be face to face with the consumer. The exclusive outdoor car loop will allow consumers to experience electric vehicles first hand.

Make green a reality!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Expo continues to build momentum!

Summer is almost gone and it is time to focus on growing our businesses. Luckily we are in one of the only sectors that have seen steady growth over the last few years and are poised to continue growing in the future.

To do that we must generate new business, lots of new business! And as we gear up for this coming year we must go thru our budget plans and identify items needed to generate and maintain a certain level of competency in our businesses.

We at the Solar and Wind Expo are focused on those same goals; our business is to generate interest in your business. That is why we are working so hard on our plans to promote the 2010 Expo. We have committed lots of resources on our marketing and advertising campaigns. Seems like every other day we are meeting with our media partners to achieve a plan that will bring the most foot traffic to you booths. Not just foot traffic but folks that are interested and capable of making the investment needed.

The entire program has been formulated to bring the following customers to you:

Developers who are integrating renewable energies into their Commercial/Residential properties.
Business owners who have so much to gain due to their large consumptions.
Architects, engineers and suppliers who need to learn about these products.
Government agency employees put in charge of decision making for their departments.
Homeowners committed to reducing costs and carbon emissions.

We are currently in the process of selling spots for the show with many sold and applications being downloaded or being requested daily. We urge you not to miss out on the only show in this class in the area. Our electric car loop is sure to be a blast and a great attraction. SEE YOU THERE! And don’t forget early bird specials end October 15th, 2009.

Make green a reality!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tesla unveils electric sedan with sky-high hopes
March 26, 2009 Camille Ricketts

Tesla Motors, still one of the major players in the electric vehicle game despite recent financial woes, has finally unveiled its hotly anticipated Model S sedan, slated to go on sale in late 2011. With a price tag of $50,000, the car is certainly more practical for prospective buyers than Tesla’s first submission — its $109,000 roadster (beautiful, but unrealistic in today’s economy). The San Carlos, Calif. company has clearly pinned its hopes on this new car to stabilize its finances and catapult it over its growing competition.

With Fisker Automotive countering it in the electric luxury car market (and just sealing a deal to sell cars on Tesla’s turf in Sunnyvale), and General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and other industry big boys planning to roll out everyday driving machines of their own, Tesla is finding itself surrounded on all sides after once leading the pack. In the next couple of years, the landscape will probably change radically, with all of these companies’ success depending on the development of electric car infrastructure, gas prices and the state of the economy.

Make green a reality!

Friday, August 14, 2009

WBAL has partnered with The Solar and Wind Expo

The Solar and Wind Expo is proud to officially annouce that it has partnered with WBAL TV in Baltimore, which is the top ranked local television outlet (Nielsen), to serve as the media sponsor. As part of the partnership, WBAL will be promoting the Solar and Wind Expo utilizing a combination of commercials and mentions on daily news programming months preceding the event.

This news takes the Solar and Wind Expo to one step closer to it mission of "making green a reality". WBAL will also be an exhibitor at the show. We are all very excited about the news.

Make green a reality!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The U.S. renewable energy industry collectively tallied its future deliverable energy capacity at 550 to 700 gigawatts (GW) in Washington, DC yesterday. At such a GW-production rate, the U.S. could produce, at a minimum, 25% of the country's electrical energy requirement with renewable energy by 2025.

According to Michael Eckhart, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) president whose organization hosted the 5th annual national policy conference "Renewable Energy in America: Phase II Market Forecasts and Policy Requirements" in DC yesterday, this is the first time a panel of renewable energy experts has assembled such a combined production capacity forecast.

"We have today put real numbers on America's renewable energy future that we have for years felt in our gut," said Eckhart. "This is a huge tipping point that will guide the public policy support required for renewable energy to help lower CO2 emissions and reduce our nation's dependence on foreign fossil fuels."

"There is a convergence of issues and opportunities that make this a perfect time to let mainstream America and our policy leaders know we are here to help -- 'here is what renewable can provide capacity-wise and here are the policies that will lead to solutions,'" he said.

"The industry panel identified 550GW - 700GW of renewable energy potential that can be built within the next 10-20 years -- even at a 50% discount -- this makes the "25X25" proposal feasible, reasonable, and doable," added Eckhart.

The 25X25 is a popularly touted policy goal of 25% renewable production by 2025, yet the estimate coming from the conference could potentially double that production. Eckhart noted these new estimates would help to galvanize the renewable energy community in proposing its policy recommendations to Congressional leaders, many newly elected by mandate to change, among other things, the way energy is produced in America for both the near and long term future.

Phase II, the fifth policy conference sponsored by ACORE and held annually in Washington, attracted 450 renewable energy policy, financial and technology leaders. In a full day of presentations by industry leaders from many disciplines, the capacity estimate made by the panel comprised of renewable energy industry organizational leaders, was but one of the conference highlights.Following a moving keynote address, Thomas Freidman, a New York Times columnist and author of "The World is Flat", left the podium to a rousing standing ovation for delivering a poignant message for a new energy future and energy's role in the Iraq war. Equally eloquent as his best-selling writing, Freidman peppered his talk with such positive language as "Green is the new red, white and blue" and "Energy independence is the moonshot of our generation".

But Freidman wasted no time on Capitol Hill being critical of the Bush administration's role in the war and its connection to a lack of a comprehensive energy policy. "It makes no sense," said Freidman. "We are financing both sides of the war," referring to the purchase of oil by the U.S. as a funding mechanism for our enemies and also paying for our own military operations.

Jim Callihan is the president of
by Jim Callihan,
Washington, DC []
Make green a reality!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

IREC has just released its annual report, U.S. Solar Market Trends 2008

The report, authored by Larry Sherwood, provides public data on U.S. solar installations by technology, state, and market sector. Both PV and solar thermal installations grew rapidly in 2008. This work was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy through the Solar Energy Technologies Program.
Download the report
Annual U.S. PV installed capacity grew by 63% in 2008 compared with installations in 2007 to 335 MWDC (including both grid-connected and off-grid markets), bringing the cumulative installed capacity to 792 MWDC. Although PV installation growth had been steady and impressive for many years, the annual growth rate doubled when the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) increased in 2006.
“By 2008, the capacity of PV installed each year was triple the annual amount installed in 2005,” said Sherwood. “More than 33,500 sites installed PV in 2008, with 62% of these sites and 87% of the installed capacity connected to the grid. Most of these installations are mounted on buildings, but some are ground-mounted installations.”
Early indicators point to market growth in 2009, though likely at a slower rate than during the last several years. The market should return to high growth rates in 2010. The long-term extension of the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), new rules that allow utilities to take advantage of the ITC, and the establishment of a grant program alternative to the commercial ITC will all help solar installations.
Since these policies were just recently enacted (in October 2008 and February 2009 respectively), the market will take some time to respond to these new policies. Companies have announced plans for many large solar electric projects, including solar thermal electric projects, utility-owned projects, and third-party owned projects. A few of these projects will be completed in 2009, but most will come on-line in 2010 and beyond.
Many states are offering incentives, and system installation growth more than doubled in Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Each of these states has one or more significant financial incentive and/or a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) program with a mandate for solar installations.
“For all solar technologies,” said Sherwood, “the United States is only a small part of a robust world solar market. Product availability and pricing generally reflect this status. Germany and Spain are the top markets for PV and China is the largest market for solar thermal collectors. However, this report does not analyze markets outside the United States.”
Solar hot water installations have boomed since the federal investment tax credit (ITC) was extended to residential installations in 2006. In the continental 48 states, the annual installed capacity has more than quintupled since 2005 and residential sector installations dominate the market. Hawaii continues to be the largest market for solar hot water.
For more information about this report, contact Larry Sherwood.
Make green a reality!
From the Baltimore Sun:

Looking to offset rising electricity bills, Marsha Vitow has a modern solution: installing Baltimore's first residential wind turbine on the roof of her Federal Hill rowhouse.It's a logical move in a city whose mayor has pushed extra tree plantings, recycling and other issues on a "cleaner, greener" agenda, but Vitow has run into some old-fashioned problems. Decades-old zoning laws don't account for a wind turbine, and some of her neighbors say the eight-foot-tall contraption will hurt their rooftop views and their property values."This is about doing something good.

See the entire story here,0,3974860.story
Make green a reality!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The latest renewable energy statistics for the US are out, and there is lots of good news!

Renewable energy consumption grew by 7 percent between
2007 and 2008, despite a 2 percent decline in total U.S. energy
consumption (Table 1). Total renewable energy consumption
increased by 487 trillion Btu to 7,301 trillion Btu. This is the highest
level attained based on EIA estimates of renewable energy
back to 1949, and is due to substantial increases in the use
of biofuels, wind and solar energy. Renewable energy’s share of
total U.S. energy consumption was over 7 percent in 2008, c
ompared to 6 percent in 2004

Renewable energy is consumed across all 5 energy use sectors.
The two largest consuming sectors are electric power and industrial,
though patterns are changing. In 2008, the electric power sector
accounted for 51 percent of renewable energy consumption and
the industrial sector 28 percent, down from 56 and 30 percent,
respectively, in 2004. This was due in some measure to the substantial change
in the transportation sector, whose share rose from 5 to 11
percent between 2004 and 2008. The gain was due to increased
consumption of biofuels, primarily ethanol derived from corn,
but also to a lesser extent biodiesel. Both are fuels needed to
meet the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard, which requires
an increasing supply of renewable fuels through 2022.

While total U.S. generation declined slightly to 4,110 billion
kilowatthours in 2008, renewable generation increased by
5 percent compared to 2007 to 372 billion kilowatthours.
The biggest increase in renewable generation was the 51
percent, or 18 billion kilowatthours, increase for wind. By
the end of 2008, wind provided 1.3 percent of total U.S.
generation (from all energy sources), up from 0.4 percent
in 2004. This is largely attributed to dramatic expansion
in wind capacity in the
last few years.

Check the entire report here
Make green a reality!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Expo is moving forward and gaining momentum!

We are close to finalizing the details with our electronic media sponsor. The Expo is very excited and looking forward to it. We will share the news as soon as it is available.
Make gree a reality!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Solar and Wind Expo, May 7-9, 2010

Alternative Energy Exposition, the First of Its Kind in the Region, in Timonium May 2010

George Lopez, a local resident and alternative energy advocate, formally announced the first annual Solar & Wind Expo ( will be held at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, Maryland on May 7-9, 2010. “Never has there been a better time for this kind of show,” Lopez explains. “With all of the technological advances, government sponsored incentives and the desire of so many to reduce their carbon footprint, all that was missing is a place for all parties to connect....and now we have that!”

The Solar & Wind Expo has already created a buzz in the alternative energy advocacy community, and landing Bob Dixson, the Mayor of Greensburg, Kansas, as the Expo keynote speaker. Greensburg made national news when it was totally destroyed by a powerful tornado in 2007. Mayor Dixson has been formally recognized for his leadership role in rebuilding every structure to meet the highest Green Building Council certification of LEED Platinum, most notably by President Obama with an invitation to speak at a joint session of congress. Greensburg, as the first city in the country to go entirely green, is a shining example for how going green is both viable and economically beneficial.

The goal of The Solar & Wind Expo is to “make green a reality” by bringing the most instrumental groups together for the first time in one location: leading manufacturers of green technologies, representatives from government agencies promoting the use of green technologies, and financial institutions providing special financing for green building projects. Expo attendees will have the unique opportunity to interact with the actual energy producing products, as well as and have their questions answered by experts in the alternative energy field. Alternative energy advocacy groups will conduct seminars and meet one-on-one with attendees.

“It is very exciting to give those like me who are passionate about reducing their carbon footprint and living in a more environmentally friendly way an opportunity to interact with the product and become educated on issues surrounding building green, like tax and other incentive programs....this will be a truly remarkable event,” Lopez adds.
Make green a reality!