Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Baltimore Hilton Inner Harbor


LIMITED SEATING! Don’t miss it!

You will want to be included in this gathering of thought leaders designed to elevate the clean energy debate in Maryland, and identify opportunities to grow businesses, create jobs, advance technology and benefit the environment!

Please visit http://www.mdcleanenergysummit.org/ to learn more!

Presentations, panel discussions and keynote speakers will focus on:

• Challenges and opportunities for project financing

• Cutting-edge research in clean energy technologies

• Opportunities to ramp up use of solar, wind and other renewable energies

• The burgeoning industry around electric vehicles and other clean transportation systems

• Conservation potential and business opportunities in Smart Grid

• New options for biofuel production and energy from biomass

• Superior energy management in the built environment

• Policy issues for clean energy ventures

Participants will identify options, issues and action strategies to produce winning outcomes for Maryland in the clean energy economy.

Speakers at Clean Energy Summit 2010 include experts from industry, academia and government with experience in the Mid-Atlantic, national and international energy markets:

• Robbie Diamond, CEO of Securing America’s Energy Future

• Bob Noun, Executive Director of External Affairs, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

• David Walls, California Building Standards Commission and implementer of the California Green Building Standards Code.

• Elizabeth Porter, Director of Corporate Energy Initiatives at Lockheed Martin

• Kevin Madden,VP of Sales, Honeywell

• Michael Mahan, Global Product Manager of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment at General Electric

• Katherine Hamilton, President of GridWise Alliance

• John Christmas, Senior Vice President of Hannon Armstrong, specializing in financing clean energy and energy efficiency ventures

Table space is available at the CONSUMER TRADE SHOW area which will be open and free to the public from 9 am to 9 pm.

Full day conference registration including the AWARDS BANQUET is only $295! Tickets can also be purchased for the banquet only for $150.

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or get more information about sponsorship opportunities, go to http://www.mdcleanenergysummit.org/.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maryland Clean Energy Summit October 4th, 2010

This conference brings thought leaders from industry, academia and government together to focus on the job creation and business development opportunities inherent in addressing the climate change challenge. Looking to the development of future technologies, policies, and finance - participants will identify options, issues, and action strategies to obtain winning outcomes for Maryland.

Morning panelists will build a foundation for change, covering the topics of energy as a national security concern, challenges of project finance and the policy landscape, as well as cutting edge research - some that is taking place right in Maryland! Afternoon breakout sessions and strategy sessions will be convened for conferees to participate in more in-depth discussions guiding the development of specific technologies. Topics include:


Getting from place to place is one of the most significant impacts on energy consumption and a large piece of the carbon footprint. Manufacturers are building the vehicles of the future! What will it take to adopt these new modes of transportation and how can we assure that we are ready for the ride?

Solar and wind power technologies are now mainstream for generation across the state but what will it take to truly ramp up capacity in the future? Panelists will examine supply chain challenges of sourcing panels; how private capital can pick up where incentives leave off; and engaging utilities in implementation of successful commercial scale projects. Qualifying installers, standardizing permitting and inspection protocols to mitigate permitting delays, and driving consumer demand are also on the agenda for this track.

Fuels for heating, and various modes of transportation are now being developed with feed stocks that avoid the “food versus fuel” issue. How can Maryland agriculture and forestry feed stocks contribute and add value for farm operations? What feed stocks will we find for energy in waste management, and is algae the only biotech solution under development?

Energy consumption will be managed differently in the homes of the future, power distribution and security will be controlled by a Smart Grid, and distributed generation could be a game changer. As we move beyond green building technologies and towards new advancements, how can Maryland lead the way?

Consumer Trade Show Exhibits will be open to the public throughout the event.

For More Information contact MCEC at (301)738-6280 or George Lopez at (410)761-1752