Wednesday, December 19, 2012

20 Predictions for Solar

2013 predictions for Solar Energy
Solar Industry Mag

As we close out 2012 and look ahead to 2013, what is in store for solar manufacturers, installers and everyone in between? Market research firm IHS foresees little relief from some of the key challenges that rocked the industry this year, but positive signs are also appearing.

"The photovoltaic industry is in the midst of wrenching change - buffeted by government incentive cuts and nose-diving prices that has hurt solar suppliers worldwide, rocked by trade disputes among its major players, and hamstrung by a sputtering global economy," says Ash Sharma, director of solar research at IHS.

"However, there are some bright spots ahead," he continues. "Solar installations are on the rise, technology is becoming more efficient, and a weak European (EU) market roiled by financial turmoil will be offset by an ascendant China and the U.S."

Here are the top 10 predictions for 2013 from the IHS solar research team…click here

Renewables get boost in the EU
Renewable Energy News

BRUSSELS -- The European Union granted 1.2 billion euros ($1.58 billion) in subsidies to 23 renewable- energy projects under a program to promote low-carbon technology as a part of the fight against global warming.

The aid for the projects located in 16 EU countries including France, Germany, Greece, Poland and the U.K. comes from the sale of allowances to emit carbon dioxide set aside in a special reserve under Europe’s cap-and-trade program, known as NER300. Today’s announcement covers proceeds from the first tranche of 200 million allowances sold this year and last year.

The projects, ranging from biofuels to solar and wind power, will boost annual renewable energy output in Europe by around 10 terrawatt-hours, an amount equivalent to the yearly fuel consumption of more than a million passenger cars, the European Commission, the bloc’s executive, said in a statement. The aim is to demonstrate technologies that will help scale up clean energy production in the region…click here


Friday, December 14, 2012

Electric Cabs will not be coming to Arlington County, VA.

The Arlington County Board voted against a recommendation to place 40 electric taxicabs on area streets in what could have been the first all-electric taxi fleet in the US. EVA/DC members Eric Cardwell and Lanny Hartmann were at the meeting when they voted.

Board member Jay Fisette initiated the motion to award 40 taxi certificates to EV Taxicabs. Fellow board member, Libby Garvey, supported the motion.

In his remarks, Mr. Fisette said, "the bulk of the testimony, the bulk of the letters have been supportive of the Manager's recommendation around the EV cabs. I see this as a very effective leveraging of resources through a public / private partnership." He added, "This is exactly the kind of innovation, the kind of opportunity that is needed for us to meet the goals we've adopted in the community energy plan to date around reducing greenhouse gases, competitiveness and energy security."

Dissenting board member, Chris Zimmerman, remarked, "I don't think we, at this point, know for sure exactly how that technology is going to shake out, and so the concerns of the Transportation Commission resonated with me."

Walter Tejada thanked the speakers who gave public testimony in the prior meeting. He said, "there was a lot of good information shared and I appreciate it, particularly those who currently own electric vehicles." "I have questions about the infrastructure... "I feel though, that with the infrastructure, that [it] is currently not in place to support electric vehicles yet."

Mr. Fisette retorted, "There is no question that we do not have the infrastructure and part of this application's strength was that, in fact, after the end of two years we would, without any public investment."

All the board members seemed to agree that electric vehicles may be the way to go in the future. The next consideration for adding more taxicabs in Arlington County will be in two years.

EVA/DC members, Dave Goldstein, Jeffrey C. Jacobs and Joseph Lado joined us as we gathered nearby after the vote.