Friday, October 16, 2009


10/15/09 WYPR, the Baltimore area NPR affiliate, has agreed to become a sponsor of The Solar and Wind Expo. WYPR’s audience stretches from the Pennsylvania line to Washington, DC. This represents a significant addition to the electronic and print media partnerships The Expo has already established with WBAL (NBC affiliate) and Baltimore Magazine.

The addition of WYPR is yet one more step in making The Solar and Wind Expo the premier event for renewable energy in the region. All participants of The Expo, exhibitors and sponsors, will benefit greatly from these robust affiliations resulting from the endless efforts of the Expo organizers.

Participation in The Solar and Wind Expo by exhibitors and sponsors who are looking for a credible and focused event in the east coast marketplace is strongly encouraged. Now is the time for all of us who are serious to “make green a reality” to make our mark and take the industry forward.

The Solar and Wind Expo organizers sincerely thank WYPR/NPR for its support and vision.


10/14/09 Jan Raulin, publisher of the well regarded Ener G Magazine, announced today that the Magazine will be supporting The Solar and Wind Expo through its website ( and in print.

Ms. Raulin explained that she is pleased the east coast states are beginning to take the correct steps in advancing the case for renewable energy. She further stated in her endorsement that she feels that The Solar and Wind Expo possesses the correct values and vision to succeed in this effort.

Now is the time to “make green a reality”. The Solar and Wind Expo, with the exhibitor and sponsor support and industry recognition it is garnering, will be the premier renewable energy event in the region. The Solar and Wind Expo organizers sincerely thank Ener G Magazine for its support and vision.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Economic Benefits of Ending Mountaintop Removal

The Sierra Club today released a groundbreaking new report that reaffirms the economic benefits of ending mountaintop removal coal mining and transitioning to clean energy sources in Appalachia.

The report shows that America can have affordable electricity without mountaintop removal because many factors contribute to the cost of electricity, with coal prices playing just one small part.According to the report:

  • Ending mountaintop removal would have a negligible effect on electricity prices in the eastern United States, where mountaintop removal coal is currently burned.

  • We have an abundance of cost-effective alternatives to mountaintop removal coal.
    Other types of mining in Appalachia employ more workers.

  • Mountaintop removal coal mining costs state budgets more than it generates.

  • Mountaintop removal destroys clean energy sources.

"make green a reality"

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Offshore wind Power in Maryland

Did you know that:
  • The very best resources for wind are off the East Coast.
  • East Coast states could meet all their energy needs from wind.
  • The East Coast waters are so shallow the construction for these turbines would be cheap.
  • Wind electricity would be cheaper, cleaner and eternal compared to coal.
  • East Coast Governors are teaming up to make it happen.
  • The entire East Coast population could harness their own power.

"make green a reality"

Friday, October 9, 2009


The deadline to take advantage of our final discount offering on booth reservations is October 15, 2009, just a week away. This is your opportunity to be a part of the premier renewable technology event in the Baltimore/Washington area, a demographic known for its buying power and acceptance of the achievability of these technologies NOW! Please go to to download an application and mail your down payment TODAY.

We are pleased to announce that we have secured not only the local NBC affiliate as our exclusive television and other electronic media sponsor, but also Baltimore Magazine (publishers of the annual “Best of Baltimore” list) as the print media sponsor.

This assures that the Expo and your company as an exhibitor and/or sponsor will receive exceptional and well-deserved coverage in this valuable market.

Looking forward to working with you in May, 2010 to “Make Green a Reality”!

Friday, October 2, 2009

New additions to The Solar and Wind Expo Website:


Help us "make green a reality"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Following is a brief overview of our strategy and highlights of the Solar & Wind Expo 2010

Many of us are planning marketing investments for 2010, which is especially challenging in the current uncertain economic environment. We understand the importance of maximizing our partners’ outreach investments in The Solar and Wind Expo. As such, we have invested substantial resources that, when coupled with our powerful mission and the regional market’s demand for goods and services to reduce carbon emissions, ensure that the Solar & Wind Expo will be the most successful event of its kind.

We have put together a highly talented team of professionals with decades of experience in developing professional trade events; the construction and building industry; strategic marketing, advertising and public relations; and business development.

In partnership with a nationally recognized strategic marketing firm handling all media and public relations, we have developed sponsorships with the largest and most respected in media outlets in the region, including WBAL TV and Baltimore Magazine. We have also developed a comprehensive marketing and media plan, including outdoor investments strategically located at major transportation arteries and WYPR radio, which will be supplemented by an aggressive public relations effort.

The Solar & Wind Expo will take place in the heart of one of the “greenest” states, as well as being one of the most affluent, providing exhibitors access to a market that is both willing and has the means to make green a reality. The proximity to the nation’s capital and the participation of individuals and organizations from around the globe provide participants an opportunity to strengthen their profile and position in this exciting new market, which is poised for explosive growth.

We have developed a programming strategy that will resonate with and engage all of the Solar & Wind Expo’s target audiences:

  • Product information and displays
  • Education -
    Two seminar rooms, one with a programming scheme to appeal to the consumer, and one for the industry professional (i.e. Architect, installer, supplier, etc.). The current programming scheme includes exciting seminars covering all three days.
  • Bob Dixson, an internationally recognized green building advocate, will deliver a key note address outlining the “how to” in building communities that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, as he has been successful in doing in his hometown of Greensburg, Kansas.
  • The Maryland Department of Energy will deliver a seminar to share the latest information regarding state sponsored green building incentives and detailing future initiatives in line with Maryland’s strong commitment to leading the nation in renewable energy.
  • Exhibitors will provide product demonstrations and be available for consultation in the exhibition arena.
  • Electric cars will be on display to allow attendees to interact with the most exciting new technologies being produced, and demonstrations are scheduled.

To accommodate attendees with children, the Solar & Wind Expo will provide a children’s play area designed to give kids a place to learn about these important new technologies in a fun way.

The event will take place over Mother’s Day weekend, which will facilitate memory recall in prospective attendees. Attendance will be further incentivized through a special promotion providing free admission for mothers on Sunday (Mother's day).

Investors are very interested in green technologies companies

In Maryland, startups in green fields say they are seeing many angels and individual investors seeking to get in on the trend. "Expectations in the investment community is that products and devices that are environmentally friendly, even if they come at a higher, even if they come at a higher cost initially, will be mandated or highly attractive for people to buy in the future", said Scott Laughlin, CEO of Zymetics Inc. in College Park.

According to National Venture Association and PricewaterhouseCooper investment has been slow in recent years with venture funding hitting a five year low in the first quarter of 2009 down to $155 million but rebounded to $274 million in the second quarter.

Some observers said they expect the trend to continue. Green investments will grow as a natural progression. Green technologies are not just politically correct but productive and efficient.

Make green a reality!