Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Solar and Wind Expo 2010

We are very excited and pleased at all the attention the show is receiving so don't wait for the show to sell out, call us now and order your dealer packet. 410-439-1577 or

Make green a reality!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Solar and Wind Expo continues to add details to the show line-up. The Green Building Institute has signed on to deliver seminars on May 8th and May 9th. The ever popular Seminars by the Green Building Institute have been responsible for teaching lots of consumers, architects, contractors and the like all of the benefits of adding renewable energy to their home and/or businesses. We at the show are very excited that Executive Director David Woolley-Wilson and the institute has decide to partner with The Solar and Wind Expo.

Make green a reality!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Electric car loop is getting traction!

While the 2010 Solar and Wind Expo showcases solar and wind energy, its strategy is to also promote the relevance of alternative vehicles for today’s lifestyle and thinking, in line with its mission. The Expo venue is perfectly amenable to outdoor display areas and offers a unique setting for your company to be face to face with the consumer. The exclusive outdoor car loop will allow consumers to experience electric vehicles first hand.

Make green a reality!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Expo continues to build momentum!

Summer is almost gone and it is time to focus on growing our businesses. Luckily we are in one of the only sectors that have seen steady growth over the last few years and are poised to continue growing in the future.

To do that we must generate new business, lots of new business! And as we gear up for this coming year we must go thru our budget plans and identify items needed to generate and maintain a certain level of competency in our businesses.

We at the Solar and Wind Expo are focused on those same goals; our business is to generate interest in your business. That is why we are working so hard on our plans to promote the 2010 Expo. We have committed lots of resources on our marketing and advertising campaigns. Seems like every other day we are meeting with our media partners to achieve a plan that will bring the most foot traffic to you booths. Not just foot traffic but folks that are interested and capable of making the investment needed.

The entire program has been formulated to bring the following customers to you:

Developers who are integrating renewable energies into their Commercial/Residential properties.
Business owners who have so much to gain due to their large consumptions.
Architects, engineers and suppliers who need to learn about these products.
Government agency employees put in charge of decision making for their departments.
Homeowners committed to reducing costs and carbon emissions.

We are currently in the process of selling spots for the show with many sold and applications being downloaded or being requested daily. We urge you not to miss out on the only show in this class in the area. Our electric car loop is sure to be a blast and a great attraction. SEE YOU THERE! And don’t forget early bird specials end October 15th, 2009.

Make green a reality!